The decision to commit an offense, or not to commit an offence, is often influenced by the perceived risk of being caught rather than by the possible reward from the offending act. The WECHCPC provides consultations on problematic environmental concerns and can offer solutions to minimize the risk of possible or repeat offending behaviour.


Traffic Trouble Spots

If you live in an area where mutliple traffic infractions are occurring on a regular basis, please make a report to our office.  Based on your observations, the WECHCPC can conduct a traffic monitoring project in your area of concern. Based on the results of the project, a traffic enforcement operation with our NPO may take place in the problematic area. In addition, the statistics may also be shared with ICBC and the City of Vancouver.  Please note, we cannot advocate for change to a specific area, we can only report the facts. 


Safer Parking Initiative (SPI)

The Safer Parking Initiative is a program that was developed in Vancouver in response to the growing problem of property crime and public disorder. The key concepts of SPI are:

  1. Reduce automobile break-ins, and
  2. Improve the safety of parking lots for the benefit of the public.

The Safer Parking Award is a classification granted to parking facilities that have been vetted by the Vancouver Police Department which maintain a level of standards known to deter criminal activity and anti-social behaviour, and reduce the fear of crime in the parking facility. Although the primary focus of SPI is commercial parking lots, residential parking lots can also apply for the SPI designation. The WECHCPC has two accredited SPI evaluators and, upon request, can assist you with the process of applying for an assessment. The Vancouver Police Department lead for Safer Parking is Cst. Alison Hill, and she can be reached at, or a message for her can be left at either our office, or the Granville Downtown South Community Policing Centre

Nearly half of the 46 public Safer Parking facilities in Vancouver are in the West End, Coal Harbour, and Stanley Park. To find the parking lot closest to you that holds the Safer Parking designation, please visit


Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design is an approach based in the concept that offending behaviour can be deterred by making adjustments to external factors in the built environment. Ideally CPTED principles should be implemented in the design phase of urban planning, however modifications in existing infrastructure can also decrease undesirable acts from being committed in our community and increase the level of safety.  The WECHCPC has two accredited CPTED evaluators and, upon request, can assist you by providing smaller scale security audits or larger scale CPTED reports. If you are a home owner, apartment manager, member of strata council, or represent a property management company and you are experiencing suspicious behaviour or criminal acts at your place of residence/business, please make a report at our office and request a security consultation.