Please stop by our office with your questions, concerns or comments. We will be happy to assist with all enquiries and direct you to additional outside agencies if necessary.

West End – Coal Harbour Community Policing Centre

1267 Davie Street300px-Gay_Canada_flag
Vancouver, BC
Canada, V6E 1N4

Contact Details:

Phone                      604-717-2924
Fax                           604-717-2926
General Enquiries
Donation Enquiries

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Other Important Phone Numbers

Emergency 9-1-1

Vancouver Police Non-Emergency Line (604) 717-3321

Vancouver Police Lost Property Office (604) 717-2726

City of Vancouver 3-1-1

Residential Tenancy Office (604) 660-1020


Ever Wanted to Ask a Police Officer a Question?

For some it can be intimidating or uncomfortable to speak with a Police Officer. If you have questions but you would like to remain anonymous, fill out the form below and press submit to send your question to our Neighbourhood Police Officer. Please keep your question as specific as possible so we can provide you with the information you desire. Due to unpredictable circumstances, we are unable to guarantee or suggest a recommended time for a response. For emergency situations or if you require a more timely resolution to your query, please call 9-1-1 or contact the Vancouver Police Non-Emergency Line at 604-717-3321.

Also visit the Vancouver Police Department website for a comprehensive database of information, or check our FAQ page.