Citizen Patrols

In the Citizen Patrol program volunteers patrol parks and wooded areas, parking lots, underground or covered parkades,  alleys, and streets. The purpose of the patrols is to display an authoritative presence in problematic areas in an effort to deter crime and safety issues, to observe and report suspicious or criminal activity, and to liaise with community members regarding their crime and safety concerns.  The information collected by the volunteers on patrol is then passed on to the NPO and Vancouver Police Department patrol members to assist with their policing efforts.


Foot Patrol

Volunteers search out stolen vehicles using the Stolen Automobile Recovery (SAR) program,report abandoned automobiles, conduct security audits on vehicles using Crime Prevention Notices (CPN), issue seasonal reminders to automobile owners/drivers to be proactive in auto crime prevention, and distribute crime alerts and other crime prevention materials. Foot patrols also log quality of life issues, document suspicious behaviour, liaise with community members, and touch base with businesses.


Pooch Patrol

Volunteers who own dogs can bring their “best friend” along as they walk through the neighbourhood looking for suspicious behaviour and quality of life issues. Pooch patrollers can also pair up with regular foot patrol volunteers for a “super patrol”.


Bike Patrol

After an extensive training session, volunteers use bikes to patrol the outlying boundaries of our catchment area. You do not have to own your own bike; the CPC has a large supply on hand.  You will often see our bike patrollers conducting security audits and issuing seasonal reminders to automobile owners/drivers in Coal Harbour and throughout Stanley Park.