Clean Streets

The Clean Streets program works in partnership with residents, business managers, community groups, the West End BIA, and the City of Vancouver to promote a clean and safe community through active citizen participation.  This program is not just about cleaning off graffiti and picking up litter; it is the first step in raising awareness of the larger quality of life problems we all face and aims to serve as a catalyst for permanent changes in attitude and practices. 

Anti-Graffiti Initiative

DSC_0498The CPC can schedule either a large scale, joint effort paint out event aimed to remove all graffiti within different areas of the neighbourhood, or a more localized internal event utilizing only CPC volunteers within a smaller, more targeted area. Volunteers from the CPC, District 1 BIAs, community organizations, and approved programs can participate in the large scale event. 

If you are a property manager and you are having trouble with graffiti on your business, please download the Permission to Paint form and return it to our office. A staff member will be in contact with you regarding more information about our graffiti removal activity. 

Community Cleanup

KVS 2012-05-12 012Community Cleanups are organized year-round as either an in-house event, or as an outreach event which volunteers participate in an externally organized initiative. Similar to the large scale graffiti paint out events, various members of the community are encouraged to participate in Community Cleanups  The CPC has a mutually supportive relationship with the West End Cleanup (WEC), a grassroots organization within the neighbouthood, whose goal is to increase community involvement in the revitalization of the neighbourhood through action and education.