The following is a list of common topics and frequently asked questions. 

Criminal Record Checks

Community Policing Centres do not provide Criminal Record Checks or Fingerprinting Services. If you reside in the City of Vancouver, you can have a criminal record check completed at the Vancouver Police Department Main Office at 2120 Cambie Street. The location at 312 Main Street is now closed. Fingerprinting Services are conducted at 3585 Graveley Street. If you reside outside the City of Vancouver, please check with your local police department for the nearest office to have a Criminal Record Check completed. Please note there are fees required to complete your criminal record check request.

2120 Cambie Street Public Service Counter Operating Hours: Daily 8:00am to 5:00pm (including statutory holidays)

3585 Graveley Street Public Service Counter Operating Hours: Monday to Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm (closed statutory holidays)

Parking Permits

Residential parking permits can be purchased at any time throughout the year in the Revenue Services on the main floor at Vancouver City Hall, 8:30-5:00 Monday – Friday.  The West End and Robson North permits are available throughout the year at the West End Community Centre, 870 Denman Street, 9:00-5:00 Monday – Thursday. PLEASE NOTE: The West End permits desk is closed daily from 1 to 2 pm.   More information on parking permits for all areas of Vancouver can be obtained here.

Traffic Fine Payment

Community Policing Centres cannot accept payment for traffic fines.  Please follow the instructions on the reverse side of your ticket, or if you would like to pay the fine in person, it can be done at any ICBC Drivers Service Centre, Claim Centre, or Autoplan broker, City Hall. or Provincial Court registry.

Certification/Witness Signature

Unlike other policing jurisdictions, it is the practice of the Vancouver Police Department not to certify or witness signature any affidavits, legal forms, or procedural documents. If you wish to have your documents certified or witnesses, you may contact any practising lawyers or notaries. Please note: payments may be required for services rendered by those professionals. You may wish to call ahead for information on fees.

Quality of Life Issues
Questions regarding the quality of your water, recycling/yard waste/rotting garbage on private property which may pose a health concern should be directed to Vancouver Coastal Health at (604) 675-3800.
Concerns with Street Maintenance can be reported to the City of Vancouver by calling 3-1-1 and having your call directed to Street Operations. This section oversees:
  • potholes, cracks, and other problems with street surfaces, sidewalks, and curbs
  • missing or damaged signs on city property
  • missing, damaged or blocked traffic signs
  • non-functioning street lights and traffic signals
  • water main leaks or water quality (dirty water)

In addition to calling the City of Vancouver at 3-1-1, the following issues can be reported for documentation to the WECHCPC and by e-mailing stopdumping@vancouver.ca:

  • hazardous debris, abandoned garbage in lanes or on streets
  • couches and mattresses on private or city property
  • garbage containers (dumpsters) overflowing in city lanes
Noise Problem

Contact the person making the noise and try to work out a solution. Your neighbour may not be aware the noise is disturbing you. Talk to him/her. Be polite; explain that the noise is disturbing you and why. Attempt to provide your neighbour with the details (noise level, duration, time of day, etc.) instead of just complaining. If possible, give suggestions how to minimize the noise (lower volume, less time doing the activity causing the noise, stop earlier in the day, etc.)

To register a noise complaint visit http://www.vch.ca/ and submit your complaint online.

Construction Noise
Commerical/Residential construction noise is limited to the following hours:

  • 7:30am to 8:00pm – Monday through Friday
  • 10:00am to 8:00pm – Saturday
  • Prohibited on Sundays and Holidays

Street Construction Noise is limited to the following hours:

  • 7:00am to 8:00pm – Monday through Saturday
  • 10:00am to 8:00pm Sunday and Holidays

Public Noise
It is asked that the public limit the amount of noise created after 10:00pm. The city bylaw states that noise from a residence must not exceed 45 decibels (dB) after 10:00pm.

To compare:

  • Airport plane take-off – 120dB
  • Rock concert – 105dB
  • Lawn Mower – 100dB
  • Blender – 90dB
  • Garbage Disposal – 80dB
  • Traffic noise – 70 to 80dB
  • Vacuum – 70dB
  • Office – 60 to 65dB
  • Library – 35dB
  • Breathing – 10dB

Bicycle Bylaws

A Police Officer may arrest, without warrant, any cyclist whom the officer finds committing a breach of any bicycle by-law. Please be smart while cycling. Share the road with motorists and follow the rules. Most importantly, WEAR A HELMET! Most cycling injuries and deaths are caused due to head injuries, and could have been easily preventable if the victims were wearing helmets.
The following are important bylaws regarding cycling; to view the City of Vancouver’s Guide to Cycling, which includes links to relevant by-laws, please click here.

  • cyclists must not ride on a sidewalk unless directed to do so by a sign
  • cyclists must keep one hand on the handlebars at all times
  • cyclists are not permitted to ride their bikes through a crosswalk (walk your bike across the road)
  • cyclists must not use their bike to carry more than one person at a time, unless the bike is equipped with a separate seat
  • between 1/2 hour after sunset and 1/2 hour before sunrise a bike must have a lighted lamp mounted on the front of the bike with a white light visible at least 150m in the direction of the bike and a lighted lamp on the rear of the bike displaying a red light
  • no person shall ride a bicycle upon a street while wearing headphones, or any other manufactured device capable of transmitting sounds
  • no person shall ride a bicycle unless the bicycle is equipped with a bell capable of being used as a warning
  • no person shall ride as a passenger on a bicycle unless the person is properly wearing an approved bicycle safety helmet

Parking Bylaws

The City of Vancouver takes parking bylaws extremely seriously and tickets are issued by its Bylaw Enforcement officers. The following are the more common parking bylaw infractions:

  • no person shall stop a vehicle in any place where a traffic sign prohibits stopping
  • no person shall stop a vehicle within 6 metres of the approach side of a stop sign
  • no person shall stop a vehicle within 5 metres of a fire hydrant
  • no person shall stop a vehicle on an elevated structure, bridge, or viaduct unless otherwise stated
  • no person shall stop a vehicle on a portion of street designated as a bus stop
  • no person shall stop a vehicle on a sidewalk, on a crosswalk, or on a sidewalk crossing
  • no person shall park a vehicle at any place on a street where traffic signs prohibit/restrict parking unless in accordance with such restriction
  • where a block or portion of a block is subject to a parking regulation with a time limit, no person shall move a vehicle from one location to another in the same block in an attempt to avoid the time limit
  • no person shall stop or park a vehicle on the roadway other than parallel with the edge, headed in the direction of traffic, with the curbside wheels of the vehicle within 30cm of the curb
  • a person must not stop a vehicle in a passenger zone, except for no more than 3 minutes, to load or unload passengers
  • no person shall stop a vehicle in a commercial vehicle zone, other than commercial vehicles
  • residential permit parking areas are streets that are designated for the residents in the particular area that have a valid permit displayed
  • parking in a permit only area without a valid permit will result in your vehicle being towed

Animal Bylaws

Please respect the community and neighbours by keeping control of your pets. Remember to clean up after your pets and keep our city clean and safe.

  • all dogs must wear a collar with a licensed dog tag attached
  • all dogs must be leashed when on the street or at a public place; the leash must not be longer than 2.5m
  • aggressive dogs must be muzzled while on the street or at a public place
  • no person shall keep more than 3 dogs at one place at any time unless licensed to do so
  • any person who keeps a dog, or has control or custody of a dog, must immediately remove any excrement deposited by the dog and deposit it in a suitable refuse container
  • a pound keeper may seize a dog if:
  1. the person who keeps a dog does not have a license
  2. the dog isn’t wearing a dog tag
  3. the dog is on a street or public place unlawfully or running at large
  4. the dog has bitten or alleged to have bitten a human being

To find more information on a specific City of Vancouver Bylaw, please click here.