How To Apply

Youth Volunteers – Ages 16 and 17

To become a youth volunteer, please email our Programs Manager at to  express your intent to volunteer. Arrangements will be made through email exchange to conduct your intake. The intake is a 15-minute process. On intake day, youth volunteers must attend our office at 1295 Davie Street with a parent/guardian to be eligible. You may apply prior to your 16th birthday, but you may only start actively volunteering on or after your 16th birthday. 

Adult Volunteers – Ages 18 and up

To become an adult volunteer, please contact our Programs Manager at to arrange an intake interview at the office at 1295 Davie Street. You will be required to complete a Volunteer Application on the day of the interview so please bring one piece of current photo ID and the contact details for three professional references. Volunteer Applications cannot be picked up on behalf of another party or taken out of the office. All applications are subject to a VPD Criminal Record Check and security clearance. The application process to become a volunteer may take between two and four weeks. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

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